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The PSLF experience with and without Candidly

Only 6.7% of eligible borrowers apply for PSLF 1

Without Candidly

Employees don’t know where they stand

Few employees know that PSLF is even an option — and if they do, verifying their eligibility status and keeping track of years’ worth of payment records is confusing and clunky

A third of denied PSLF applications are rejected due to incomplete or incorrect paperwork 2

Without Candidly

Employers are bogged down by the annual certification process

Signing off on workers’ annual employment certification paperwork — without letting any details slip through the cracks — is a tedious, manual task

The voluntary turnover rate among nonprofit workers is 19%, outpacing the all-industry average of 12% 3

Without Candidly

Hiring is down and turnover is up

Private, for-profit employers capture would-be and current employees’ attention with flashy — and pricey — perks

Pink Circle Solutions that benefit employers and employees alike


Check Digitize and automate employment certification process

Check Address employees’ top financial worry to improve adoption and engagement across the board

Check Attract and retain a highly-educated workforce


Check Check eligibility status and track payment history at a glance

Check Request employment certification with a single click, and get smart, automated reminders when it’s time to recertify

Check Switch to a repayment plan that meets PSLF requirements in minutes

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Fully Configurable

Modular platform can be configured with the most relevant features.

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Flexible Delivery

Available as a stand-alone platform or embedded into your native experience.

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Multiple integration options can get you to market in just days or weeks.

Save time.
Cultivate long-term loyalty.

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